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Do you know....CheckPoint GUI can be installed automatically.
klepysik wrote in checkpoint_new
By the way- R70.50 released. Great version with many bug fixes.
Many people (specially support engineers :) ) waited for this version.

Today I would like to share with you some tip that can help you to
perform silent install of SmartConsole, in the case you would like to
run it automatically as a script for an example on some of the user's clients computers and you don't want to give them privileges to install something.

CheckPoint uses an old installshield version and you can run it from
response file in auto mode as all other .exe programs that uses installshield.
So you don't need to make your user to click next and install things that you don't want him to install...

Procedure :
To start recording the response file, perform the following steps:
1. Open Command-Line
2. Change to the directory containing the setup.exe
3. Run the following command : setup.exe -r -f1my_response_file.iss
Where my_response_file is any name you want to use. Remember that -f1 uses the number 1 instead of the lowercase letter L.
For example, to create a response file for endpoint installation, you can call it endpoint.iss and store it in the c:\endpoint\ directory. In this case, enter:
Setup.exe -r -f1c:\endpoint\endpoint.iss
This action creates the response file in the designated location.
If no location is specified by the -f1 option, a setup.iss file is written to the %SystemRoot%\windir directory for Windows operating systems. For example on Windows NT, the directory might be c:\winnt; for Windows 98, it might be c:\windows.
4. Complete the setup windows, actually completing a normal installation. The response file records all the setting specified.

Playing back the response file:
After you have created your response file, you can run the installation.
1. Open Command-Line
2. Change to the directory containing the setup.exe
3. Run the following command: setup.exe –s –f1response_file_path\endpoint.iss
For example, the response file is stored in the c:\endpoint directory, the information in the Target field would be as follows:
1. "c:\setup.exe" -s -f1c:\endpoint\endpoint.iss
With this command the installation will be in silent mode – the user will not see it happens (only in the task manager).

p.s. CheckPoint supports this procedure only from R75 latest version.
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я в checkpoint_new обязательно про такое событие расскажу.

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